First look

Is there anything more romantic than a winter wedding? I, who am an incurable romantic, find winter weddings particularly elegant, especially if the setting is a beautiful Medici Villa nestled in the Tuscan hills between Chianti and Florence. I was therefore very of happy to help this married couple as wedding coordinator of their wedding. What do I think was the most romantic moment of the wedding? Well, they were several, but the one that struck me the most was the first look. The first look represents the exact moment when the wedding couple meets in a secluded place in the venue they have chosen to celebrate their wedding, just before starting the ceremony. It’s a truly magical moment of great emotion and intimacy. A precious moment to be immortalized with photos and video, to relive that same emotion again and again and again….

How to organize a wedding procession

The ceremony took place on the terrace with panoramic views of the Tuscan hills. The bride’s arrival was preceded by a long procession accompanied by harp music. If you, too, want to have this princess-like entrance, I reveal everything you need to know about organizing a wedding procession. The order of the wedding procession is not random: it is the groom and his mom who usually open the wedding procession, the bridesmaids on the other hand should precede the bride, and then wait for her at the altar together with her groom. If you want to have children participate as well, remember that according to bon ton they should be from two to eight and between the ages of 4 and 10. Children, who carry the rings or scatter the flowers, should always walk in front of the bridesmaids.

Wedding Planner’s Tip:

If you are planning a wedding procession, be sure to rehearse with everyone first, especially the children.

Winter wedding reception

If your wedding takes place in one of the still cold months, surely the only possible solution is to set up the wedding dinner or lunch in an enclosed, heated space. The aperitif, on the other hand, can be served outdoors but as long as you provide a heating system there as well to make your guests feel comfortable. A simpler, more frugal setting, such as a lemon house, can be adorned with hanging crystal chandeliers, which, besides being very scenic, help to illuminate the room.

Ideas for a perfect winter wedding

There are many ideas for personalizing your wedding, from choosing a theme, one or more colors or creating thematic corners for your wedding. What I recommend is to look around to see what kind of detail will fit best into your chosen venue and location. Try not to distort the mood of your wedding too much but follow a consistent line. Consider that almost the entirety of your wedding will take place indoors and there will need to be adequate space to develop your idea. For example, our bride and groom chose to project the logo of their names directly onto the dance floor. Don’t you find that an original idea!

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