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what is an elopement wedding?

An elopement wedding is a truly intimate wedding, it is a true elopement in which the only protagonists are the bride and groom, but it could also be understood as a renewal of vows. Once upon a time elopement meant running away and getting married without telling anyone, but that is no longer the case today. Nowadays, eloping means planning a small wedding day that is unique to the couple. These are usually small ceremonies that can take place anywhere, being able to choose even locations that would be inaccessible to too many people.

With an intimate wedding you will be the absolute stars of your day! It will be a small and private ceremony: just the two of you and a few select guests, the people you love the most. The ceremony will continue with a relaxed but very elegant reception, just like a family dinner, but much more chic and taken care of in every little detail!

difference between elopement and small wedding

If we mean elopement in the strict sense, we refer to two lovers getting married in the presence of the officiant alone. However, it often happens that the couple also decides to share this very important moment with a small circle of friends or family members, among whom there will also be witnesses in the case of a legally valid marriage. In this sense, it is not always easy to make a distinction between elopement and small wedding, which precisely includes close family members, such as parents, grandparents and siblings, close friends, and, in general, people you cannot imagine not being present at your wedding. So an elopement consists of you as a couple and up to 3-10 closest friends or relatives, while an intimate wedding includes about 10-30 guests.

Wedding venue for a intimate wedding

Italy is home to many of the most desirable destinations. For a very small and intimate wedding or elopement, ideally you should choose a venue that is not too large and dispersed, but proportionate to the number of guests.
You can also think about a boutique hotel that provides terraces with breathtaking views or some reserved spaces without needing to book the whole venue. For the more creative, even a ceremony on a boat, in a small mountain chalet or in a special romantic natural cave can be the perfect setting to seal one’s love. Art galleries, deconsecrated churches and open-air museums can also be ideal destinations. With a small wedding it really is possible to indulge; finding the most unusual and special destinations is something my team and I can help you with!

Small Wedding Ideas for an Intimate event

Organizing an intimate wedding, has the advantage of being able to create unique experiences that would not be possible to implement with a large number of participants and give way to the most special and special ideas.
For example instead of the usual tableau de marriage you can set up a corner with escort cards. Escort cards are a system of assigning places at the table, whereby each card corresponds to the name of a guest. But they don’t necessarily have to be just cards; in fact, they can be paired with glasses of prosecco, favors for the guests, or something else that relates to the theme of the wedding. One thing that is not always possible with weddings with a large number of guests is to set up an imperial table, because it would require a really spacious venue. With weddings of 20 to 30 people maximum, on the other hand, it is easier to set up this type of table. With an intimate wedding it is also easier to arrange favors for the guests personalized for example with everyone’s name, always respecting the mood of the event and the style of the venue.

How to organize an elopement small wedding

Planning an elopement is not to be underestimated. We know the destinations we work with and we know the places, suppliers and locations that are outside the normal tourist flow. We will help you make your dreams come true! My team and I will take care of every detail and meet your needs, from booking the location to organizing fun side activities for all our guests. Despite the intimate scope of the event, those who choose to hold a small wedding do not have to give up anything. We will take care of the necessary arrangements for both the ceremony and the party: photographers, wedding gifts, clothing, floral decorations-every detail will be taken care of!

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