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Getting married in the colder months is not such an unusual choice and certainly offers incredible advantages such as an easier time finding available vendors and venues, the opportunity to honeymoon on the other side of the world in a favorable climate, and of course the chance to pledge eternal love in an atmospheric atmosphere and experience unique emotions.

What venues to choose for a winter wedding?

When it comes to winter weddings, choosing the right venue becomes even more complex, because you have to consider that the wedding will take place almost exclusively indoors. So choosing the right venue becomes crucial to the success of the event. First, it is necessary for the chosen venue to be spacious enough to give guests a way to move around the various rooms and not feel constricted in spaces that could be perceived as cramped. Another very important thing is to consider that by doing everything indoors, the rooms need to be particularly beautiful. Generally for this type of wedding I prefer historic villas that have a special charm, but boutique hotels and mountain cabins can also be a good alternative, especially if there is the possibility of lighting a fireplace.

What flowers are best for a winter wedding?

In winter there are not all the possibilities that spring offers, but fear not there are some good alternatives that will make you want to have a winter wedding right away. You can find flowers for winter weddings not only in the pure white colour, but also in much brighter and bolder shades, such as anemones, carnations, buttercups and daffodils. These flowers have the ability not only to amplify the romance of the occasion, but also to bring cheer. There are no rules as to whether it is better to use flowers with white petals such as lilies, gardenias, white roses, or otherwise slightly muted in colour, or prefer flowers with brighter colors. As always when planning your wedding, personal preference is the guide.

Sweet table and wedding cake: warm and enveloping flavors for a winter wedding

If you want to give a lively touch to your wedding surely the sweet corner cannot be missed and getting married in winter gives possibilities that warmer seasons do. You can, for example, create a table of chocolate pralines in many variations of flavors and shapes, or set up a corner for hot chocolate to offer to your guests or tasty cupcakes decorated with toppers in a winter theme. Even for the cake filling, you can choose mouth-watering flavors such as hazelnut, orange, cinnamon, chocolate (including white) and generally all those creamy flavors that are little suited to summer. Warm smells and flavors, enveloping like a warm embrace, counteract the colder season and provide unforgettable emotions.
For those who do not want to give up more sober and sophisticated combinations, wedding cake decorations can be in total white with glacé-effect sugar pearls.

What to wear to a winter wedding?

For men this is a secondary issue, but for brides and generally for friends and bridesmaids it can be a bit more complex to combine elegance and practicality. First of all, wearing tights, the advice is to avoid open sandals or open toes. Better a pair of classic pumps or Mary Jane’s. As for the top, you can opt directly for long sleeves, which are extremely elegant, and pair it with a faux fur bolero or, alternatively, a nice cape. The rooms will be warm and cozy and you will look great. A crystal accessory on your hair and the look will be perfect. 

How to make your winter wedding truly unforgettable?

There is certainly no shortage of atmosphere, but to plan a perfect winter wedding you need to follow a few steps.
1. First of all, choose a picturesque and distinctive location: it is the small details that will make a wedding in December or other winter months unforgettable.
2. As for the mood of the wedding you can emphasize the magic of Christmas by choosing decorations that are relevant. You can choose total white to be combined with crystals and Swarovski in the style of “Snow Queen,” or you can prefer a totally different color palette, as long as it is in harmony with the context.
3. If you are planning to serve the aperitif outdoors, make sure there are outdoor heaters to warm the surroundings.
4. Don’t forget to create some themed corners to entertain your guests, a nice idea can be to set up some show-cooking and finger food corners.
5. Another aspect that should not be overlooked for a winter wedding (but not only) is transportation. Make sure that each guest is able to get to your event locations without hassle and arrange transportation well in advance, especially if the location you choose is not right around the corner.

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