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Elegant Luxury Wedding In Italy

Let’s start off by saying that elegant wedding and luxury wedding are not necessarily the same thing. A wedding can be very expensive but just as beautiful and elegant without the advice of a good Wedding Planner or, at the very least, a good Wedding Designer. In a truly elegant and luxurious wedding, fantasy and details cannot go unnoticed. Starting from the wedding invitations to the wedding cake, every detail should be defined with care and attention, coordinating everything with the mood of the wedding. 

Luxury Wedding Planner

Being a Luxury Wedding Planner means being able to combine counseling, planning and attention to detail to bring about the most beautiful and unforgettable day in a wedding couple’s life.

If you are looking for a Luxury Wedding Planner, first and foremost make sure that they are a true professional in the industry, have a real Wedding Planning business, are supported by a team of certified staff and have a proven track record after many years in the business.

He or she must be someone extremely creative who can create an unforgettable personalized wedding, provide you with event planning, and always come prepared for meetings. For sophisticated and elegant nuptials, the Luxury Wedding Planner and his or her team must be well-dressed and understated, move discreetly and be a point of reference not only for the bride and groom but also for the guests.


Relying on a Luxury Wedding Planner means being sure of an impeccable result and having the constant presence of a professional who will best advise you on every single aspect.

luxury wedding venues

Elegant villas, fairy-tale castles, luxury resorts and unconventional places! There are so many wonderful places you can find in Italy, unique and breathtaking locations. Magical places full of history and charm that seem the perfect setting for your big day of love. The most popular locations (Florence, Lake Como, the Amalfi Coast, Venice…) offer different solutions, but there are lesser known locations where real gems are hidden to live a contemporary fairy tale. A local Wedding Planner will be able to advise you on the best destination for your big day and leave everyone speechless.

elegant wedding dresses

Your wedding dress will perfectly identify your style, and if you are reading this page, your style is probably elegant and sophisticated. Is it better to have a custom-made gown made from scratch exclusively for you or one purchased at the Atelier? It’s quite a dilemma and there is no exact answer, they are different experiences but whatever your choice, if you want an elegant and exclusive dress you will have to look for a haute couture product. Also, if you really want to stand out from other brides, don’t neglect accessories: jewelry, shoes, handbags, stoles, hair accessories… There are many accessories to personalize and give character to the look, but be careful not to overdo it! Too much is never good, especially if you want to look refined and elegant. Since the time of the ceremony and the time of the reception are two separate moments, you can think of a transformable dress or a real dress change for a high-glamour party!

elegant wedding themes

Crystal chandeliers, hanging floral arrangements, custom mise en place… no matter what the theme or mood of your wedding, there is only one word for it: details. Details really do make a difference if you want something unique and unforgettable for your big day. For an elegant wedding with a strong scenic impact, you should definitely go for design, with sophisticated decor elements and refined floral arrangements. Put great emphasis on the altar setting, because that is where you will say the fateful words that will seal your love. You can exchange your vows under a cloud of fresh flowers, on a terrace with a beautiful view or in front of a disused church. Arrangements can be pop, in colorful, modern hues for a unique style, or in pastel shades for a more delicate and romantic allure.

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