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Getting married in Florence is the dream of many. The capital of Tuscany, is home to many masterpieces of Renaissance art and architecture. Brides and grooms choose Florence as the destination of their wedding, for its art and culture, for a historic center that is a World Heritage Site, for gardens and historic parks, villas set in unforgettable landscapes. But also for the tradition of craftsmanship, folklore and food and wine.

What are the basic steps for organising a destination wedding in Florence?

The first thing to do when organising a destination wedding in Florence is certainly to choose a local Wedding Planner who is familiar with the area, the Florence venues and all the suppliers in the sector. Having a professional figure is indispensable to guide you through all the stages of organising your wedding, especially given the distance that makes it physically impossible for you to follow everything closely, you need to have a trusted person on site who knows how to give you the best advice.

A timeline of things to do, organising transfers, a list of guests and their dietary requirements, due dates for various payments, paperwork, organising expériences and gifts for your guests are just some of the things a Wedding Planner can organise for you.

Destination Wedding Planner in Florence

Florence is a much sought-after destination for getting married and, because of this, if you are thinking of saying “yes, I do” in the city that was the cradle of the Italian Renaissance you will need a Destination Wedding Planner. Massara Events, thanks to careful planning, can realise a top-notch wedding through comprehensive advice on every aspect of the day.

The wedding is planned every single moment of the day, starting from the requests presented by the client and the budget, providing a range of services to personalise the ceremony and wedding reception and make them unique.

The suppliers proposed are first-rate, selected over years of work: photo and video services, make-up, car rental, transfers, guest reception, concierge arrangements, floral decorations, choice of catering and much more. Always maintaining an elegant and consistent thread to create a happy and memorable day.

Your wedding day is one of the happiest days of your life, so every piece has to fit together perfectly and a memorable day cannot be achieved without the impeccable organisation that only a professional Wedding Planner can provide.

Why do you need a Wedding Planner?

A professional, who has made wedding planning his or her profession, helps you make seemingly simple decisions that make a big difference in the big picture. Given the excitement of organising your wedding, it is easy to come across unexpected planning mistakes or serious problems that go unnoticed.

A Wedding Planner has an overview of the entire event so will be able to understand the bride and groom’s tastes, guide and advise on all aspects.

A less exciting but equally important aspect is the budget. Wedding Planners not only know what budget is available, they also know which parts of the budget need to be broken down into items, enabling them to keep track of all ongoing changes and provide timely and detailed reports.

In addition, Wedding Planner will offer a wide range of suppliers, providing the best professionals selected over many years of collaboration and those that best suit the atmosphere of the wedding.

In the end, when the big day arrives, the Wedding Planner will coordinate with every supplier at every stage of the wedding (before, after, during) to ensure that everything is synchronised and that any last-minute problems are handled promptly.

How long does it take to organise a wedding?

On average, it takes 12 months to prepare for a wedding, whether with an official ceremony or a symbolic ceremony. Moving ahead is not wrong, if one wants to take things slowly, but it is not strictly necessary.

Much depends on the expectations of the bride and groom, but be aware that the result depends above all on what you want.

Of course, if you want to organise a reception in a farmhouse or a dream villa, it is almost impossible to book a month in advance… so you will have to go somewhere less known or less renowned.

It takes at least six months to plan a wedding day worthy of the name. That is why it is not advisable to shorten the time to plan your wedding to ensure the best day of your life. Even with a Destination Wedding Planner that cuts your time in half and optimises your choices but cannot always work miracles.

How much does it cost to organise a wedding?

Fixed costs cannot be defined or predicted when planning a wedding. Each event has many variables, including the number of participants. Rather, it is best to consider the available budget and use it to determine the initial budget allocation that realistically considers the spouse’s expectations.

Other factors that affect the cost of a wedding are the location, the date chosen, the quantity and quality of the various services offered by the suppliers involved in the event, and the types of services offered at the reception.

Determining a budget is definitely the starting point for wedding planning. The next step is to divide it proportionally and realistically. In this division, it is important to note that for a wedding (large or small) to be successful and appreciated by guests, the various areas involved must be proportionate and in harmony with each other.

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