We are often inclined to imagine the wedding in the setting of a summer setting, so when we think of a winter wedding, we feel short of ideas, especially in terms of the setup. Instead, the decorations of a winter wedding are just as beautiful and perhaps even more striking. A winter wedding is a real style choice of sophisticated elegance and attention to detail.

Winter wedding theme

If you have decided to get married during the Christmas season, one idea might be to be inspired by the Magic of Christmas for your wedding decorations. Pinecones, moss and candles are a must to enhance floral arrangements. You can also have fun emphasizing this theme on cakes, favors and, why not, even on the wedding cake. On the other hand, if you are not a fan of bright colors and prefer to stick to something more understated, you can take inspiration from the fairy tale of the Snow Queen. Play with the transparency of ice crystals and the purity of white snowflakes to recreate a dreamy atmosphere. To give dynamism to the overall whiteness, set up the area with lots of mini lights that will make the atmosphere even more fairy-like and almost impalpable.

Winter wedding colors

When it comes to color palettes, my advice in general is that the colors chosen should have the same intensity. They can also be a mix of warm and cold colors but it is important that there is not one that overpowers the others. Let’s look at some combinations together:

– dark red, forest green and gold

– silver and optical white

– powder pink and powder blue

– burgundy, bronze and sage green

– pearl gray, lemon yellow and a touch of navy blue

Winter wedding centerpiece

As we said before it all depends on the theme and the color palette you choose, but if you are getting married in winter it will surely be inappropriate to include elements such as citrus fruits, exotic plants and other things out of context in the centerpiece. Let’s see some ideas then:

– centerpieces with snowy saplings

– transparent vases with pine cones and dry branches on which to learn glass balls

– lots of candles placed at different heights

– a Christmas wreath with berries and holly

– runners made of foliage and Christmas balls


Table names of a winter wedding

Choosing table names for your wedding reception can be a really challenging task: here are some original ideas all to imitate!

– Christmas songs or songs that refer to the concept of winter

– Romance books set mostly in winter

– Names of stars or constellations

– Names of plants and flowers that endure winter

– Traditional regional dishes

– Winter holidays

– Winter resorts

– Christmas movies

Wedding ring pillow for winter wedding

Again, there is no shortage of alternatives, but my favorite idea is to create a little box with moss inside to put the rings in if it is a rustic wedding or on the forest theme. The alternative is to create a small Swarovski-studded cushion or simply create a flower pillow in your wedding color palette.