A Traditional Wedding in Florence

Vittoria and David, born and raised in New York but of Italian-American descent, have decided to make their dream of a traditional wedding a reality in the beautiful and charming city of Florence. Both deeply religious, they have chosen the evocative SS Apostoli church as the venue to celebrate their love. This ancient and historic church, steeped in legendary tales, epitomizes the quintessential Florentine atmosphere that captivates them.

The event had already started the day before with an aperitif on the roof of Villa Cora, a beautiful historic Tuscan mansion, and continued until dinner at Harry’s Bar where friends and relatives relaxed and enjoyed themselves together with the bride and groom, looking forward to the next day, the wedding day. After so many preparations, the long-awaited day finally arrived! Immediately after a welcome party to welcome the last guests and, of course, some photos of the welcome cocktail, the guests and the groom make their way to the church while the bride and her father are escorted in a white Beetle Cabrio, a beautiful vintage car from the 1970s with its rounded features and friendly ‘nose’.

Wedding paperwork

Organising the ceremony was not easy, as due to a series of previous issues the wedding organisation had been delayed and the bride and groom asked for my help close to the wedding date. So we started the paperwork for the wedding just in time and in the meantime organised everything that had not yet been finalised. The time difference obviously didn’t help but, fortunately, everything went well and my newlyweds got the wedding they so desired and had had to postpone since 2020.

The ceremony was beautiful, intimate but elegant. The nave of the little church was all adorned with white flowers and shades of pink. A truly refined and romantic atmosphere that continued in the Villa with a passing aperitif accompanied by the sweet melodies of violins and double bass.

Wedding dinner in the Hall of Mirrors

The placee dinner was served in the sumptuous hall of mirrors decorated in typical eighteenth-century Florentine style, at a long imperial table adorned with beautiful flowers in the same shades as the ceremony and single-flame candles. The atmosphere was truly evocative as both the lights of the candles and those of the large crystal chandeliers were reflected in the mirrors of the room, creating a magical play of light and reflections. The bride and groom’s ball was preceded by a series of speeches from the immediate family, partly in English and partly in Italian, which were truly touching. Wonderful fireworks, which guests could admire from the balcony overlooking the Italian garden, accompanied the cutting of the wedding cake. Immediately afterwards the most fun part of the wedding: open bar, music, dancing and at midnight pizza party and Chantilly cake. We are in Italy after all!

Ilenia saved our wedding and realised our dream of getting married in Florence.

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